Top Quality Hedgehogs

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m M-F or anytime on Saturday be aware that doors will be locked.  It takes a pass code to get in or us letting you in when you arrive. If the door is locked when you arrive, please call us ate let in. Thanks!

 We meet clients by appointment ONLY and are NOT available on a walk-in basis.

NOTE: It is important that your hands be free of food smells, perfumes and scented lotions when first meeting your new hedgehog since your new hedgehog by nature has poor eyesight but a super ablity to smell and may think you are food. OUCH! (just using hand sanitizier will not mask it) If you need to wash your hands upon arrival we have very nice restrooms available for your convenience located in our office complex as well as a break room with access to a microwave.


Complex doors may lock after 5 pm.

to be let in after hrs.
(no walk-ins)

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