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Are you wanting a hedgehog but find that you are low on funds at the moment? No problem! Top Quality Hedgehogs NOW OFFERS "PayPal Credit " through Paypal!

No payments and no interest if paid in full in 6 months on "PayPal Credit" purchases of $99 or more. Simply choose "PayPal Credit " when you check out with Paypal. (Subject to credit approval.) For more information about " PayPal Credit"

New  " PayPal Credit" customers may qualify to get $10 back on 1st Pa yPal credit purchase from Paypal subject to credit approval!!!

It's as simple as this:

1.) Reserve your hedgehog on our website under "Available Hedgehogs." The amount to reserve your new hedgehog is $50 before tax. Don't check out yet!

Click here to Reserve the hedgehog(s) of your choice!

2.) Since you must spend at least $99 to start thePayPal Credit process then at that time you will need to go to "Our Store" on our website and click on "Pay Off My Balance." Don't check out yet!

Click here to choose your "Pay Off Your Balance"

3.) Consider having us ship your hedgehog to you using "Airline Cargo."

Click here to choose to have your pet delivered via Airline.

4.) Don't forget to look around "Our Store" to see if there is anything you would like to pick up for your hedgehog! Are you h aving your hedgehog shipped and want to order something from our store? No probem, we can put in the crate with your hedgehog the following: Any of our Handmade Bonding Pouches , Ceramic bowl(s), TQH Bonding Blankies and our "Mini Plush Rabbit, Panda or Teddy Bear " as a Toy for your Hedgehog!

Click here to view items in "Our Store"

5.) In order to qualify for our "Sales Guarantee" you will need to purchase from us, by time of hedgehog purchase, at least a 1 lb bag of Hedgehog food that your hedgehog is currently on.

Click here to buy the required 1 lb bag. (Maximum 1 lb. bag of food if shipping by Airline)

6.) When you are done putting items in your online shopping cart simply continue checking out just like you are going to pay for your item then click "PayPal Credit" at checkout. They say approval only takes about 2 seconds.

Happy Shopping!

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