Top Quality Hedgehogs

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WARNING: Our TQHedgies are accustomed to temperatures of around 77 degrees at all times. This can be done through the use of a heat lamp with a 100-150 watt ceramic heat bulb.  Hedgies also require a large running wheel with a flat surface.  These items may be found in "Our Store."  For our clients convenience we offer an "Essentials" Pkg for those wishing to get everything they need for their hedgie.
*Update 1-24-15: It has just been brought to our attention from other hedgehog breeders that "freeze dried meal worms" can cause impactation in the gut of a hedgehog.  LIVE meal worms are safe however, as long as they are not the "Super" size meal worms since they can bite your hedgehog and cause injury externally and even internally.






Thinking about getting your first hedgehog but need more information to make an informed decision?


Please check out this free downloadable e-book, "Pet African Hedgehogs - A Complete Guide to Care" by Kimberly Goertzen


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