Top Quality Hedgehogs

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                  Our Herd

    These lovely hedgehogs are apart of Our Herd.
         They are not for sale, as they are the 
      parents/soon-to-be parents of our available

                The Girls


TQHH Sephora

Baby Sephora is a great girl with a lovely color and mask. She's very  friendly and loves to explore. She's an inquisitive baby girl and she reminds me a lot of her mother! 


TQHH Adrenaline

 Adrenaline is an all around stunning hedgehog!  She has a very rich dark/red color and a beautiful mask with badger stripes to match. 

TQHH Polaris

Polaris (Po) is the cutest little thing! She is becoming a huge favorite here and we are stoked to have her.  Her personality is showing more and more, and we're excited about her. She's gorgeous, this photo of her doesn't have a Black & White filter, she's totally black! Just like her mom, I think she will turn out a huge sweetheart. 

TQHH Ophelia

Ophelia is such a sweetheart! She's darling. We weren't expecting this coloring from an albino, even this rare color at all. Her mother is our personal pet and Ophelia definitely gets her sweetness and manners from our precious, Lila!


TQHH Black-Out

Black-Out is such a doll! She is such a good, unique little girl with a calm, chill personality. She is our TQH ambassador! We introduced her to someone that wanted to see a hedgehog, an immediate reaction, "Is she real?!" 

TQHH  Persia

Persia has the most unique, lovely and silly charactor. She is like her older sister, Cosmic, in her looks. She is a doll! Her cuddles are the best, too!



Saya is a sweetheart! When we show off any hedgehog to anyone, Saya is our girl. Her temperament is beyond! She also produces sweet babies and she is one of our best mothers.  We love Saya.


TQHH Melody

This girl is as cute as a button. We love her blaze-type facial marking and sweet personality. Her lineage never fails to produce amazing hedgies such as herself.  

TQHH  Lovell

Lovell is such a great little gal, she is a huge favorite here, and she has such an innocent, doll face. Lovell is mostly like her mom, Saya, in her looks, quirks and mostly her sweet personality. They're twins.  

TQHH  Miss Pretty

Miss Pretty is a very sweet girl.  From her dark quills and Sweet personality, to her heavy mottling and gorgeous badger stripes, this one is very special. 


TQHH  Abyss

Abyss is one of the blackest hedgehogs I've ever seen. Her black quills are quite shocking, and her white fur is just beautiful. Just like her mom, she carries on that rich dark color to all of her stunning babies. 


OPH Cherry Blossom TQHH

Cherry Blossom AKA Irene came to us from Okie Pokey Hogs in Edmond, Oklahoma.  She has a sweet temperament.  We are excited about having an Albino in our herd again, as albino's are simply beautiful and produce gorgeous babies, which actually are usually not albino, they tend not to produce their color, more of a mystery color or whatever you pair them with. 

TQHH Rosabel

This stunning girl is super sweet! She looks like a clone of her mother.


    The Boys


TQHH Cosmic Rain

Cosmic Rain is one of the most beautiful hedgehog's I've ever seen! His lineage is fantastic, his coloring is stunning, well mannered, what more could you want?

OPH Tarantula TQHH

Tarantula AKA James came to us from Okie Pokey Hogs in Edmond, Oklahoma. We are excited about adding this sweet boy to our herd. 


OPH  Scorpion  TQHH

Scorpion AKA Joey came to us from Okie Pokey Hogs in Edmond, Oklahoma.  We are excited about adding this very unique little guy to our herd. 



Coal came to us from Okie Pokey Hogs in Edmond, Oklahoma.  We are excited about adding this calm, sweet and handsome guy to our herd.


TQHH Captain Zebra

Captain Zebra is a gorgeous Platinum colored hedgehog. He's a great boy and has a very  funny character!


Whisper is a gorgeous White-Faced Dark Grey with Eyeliner hog. He is a adorable addition to our herd, he came to us from Top Notch Hedgehogs in Miami, Florida.  His babies look a lot like him! 


Aviator AKA Derek came to us from Top Notch Hedgehogs in Miami, Florida.  He is a wonderful little guy with a beautiful "broken" mask. His babies usually are petite, dark and have stubby faces. 

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