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Recipes, Tips, Care Info and more!

This page is all about Recipes, Tips, Care info and more.

I hope you enjoy this page and I hope its very useful to many hedgie owners!

Recipe: Bananas, Sweet Potato and Red Pepper

This makes a great option for picky eaters, sometimes you have to give a little variety.  Sweet potatos, Red Peppers and Bananas are also very healthy.

Tip: Nail Clipping
Some people can't clip their hedgies nails, that's understandable due to hedgies not being so cooperative all the time. 
Either it's because they bite, or because they roll up into a ball and/or clicking, this can be quite scary for a first time owner.  
These are some tips that should help a whole lot!

Method 1:  Giving them Treats

Sometimes hedgehogs aren't very happy when it comes to nail-clipping-time, being this, giving them something they're interested in will let them unball and be more open to checking things out, actually, it's a very smart method for clipping nails.  Finding out their favorite treat is a good idea, maybe it's mealworms or strawberries, blueberries, whatever it is, go for it!

Method 2: Clipping their nails underwater

And yet, you still cannot get them to unroll from a clicking, huffing mess.  Bath time in general is one of the best techniques to get them out and about.  Obviously, they're not going to dunk their head underwater, so they're head is forced to stay above water and unroll.  Put the clippers underwater and clip the hedgehog's nails that way. 

Method 3: Paper Roll

Scared that your hedgehog could bite you? No problem. This technique works, and that's a fact. Putting a Paper Roll on their head will insure that the hedgehog will not bite you, and in some cases, the hedgehog won't roll up in a ball when a paper roll is on it's head.

Recipe: Pokey Pancakes

Top Quality Hedgehogs' Pokey Pancakes!

These are my favorite treat recipe, even the pickiest

eaters cannot

 resist the taste of Pokey Pancakes! 

These pancakes are very healthy and taste fantastic.

Try out the recipe yourself and see if your hedgie likes them, it's easy and very healthy!

This recipe was created by: Top Quality Hedgehogs

On: February 6, 2015.

Do Hedgehogs Change colors?

Before: 6 1/2 weeks old

After: 12 weeks old

Suprisingly, yes.  Hedgehogs can change colors. - their quills can be black, but then turn white, their nose can look like a chocolate chip and then turn bright pink, their mask can be very dark and turn out to barely see it!  Most hedgehogs don't have this, but, it can happen.  

When to expect a slight change in color: During/after quilling. -  When their quills come out then the new ones might come out white.  

Getting older. Hedgehogs can slightly lose their color as they get older, this is actually to be expected with any hedgehog.

Q: What if I don't want my hedgehog to turn white?

A: Sometimes you can't help it, but out of the blue they just start changing colors.  If you don't want a possible white hedgehog, then before you purchase your hedgehog from the breeder, ask the breeder what the parents look like, "Are the parents of my hedgehog snowflake colored?" or "Do you think my hedgehog will turn a different color after quilling based off of the lineage?".   You can also wait until the hedgehog has quilled to check the final color, but make note that your hedgehog could still change its color after it's 1 year quill.

Above, there is a picture of one of our hedgies, "Candice". Candice was a brown/grey colored little girl and after quilling, she is a brown snowflake. Her nose was much whiter than before as well.

Cage Set-Ups & Cage Supplies

Cages start anywhere from $300 to $15, it's whatever you prefer. There is the "C&C cage", the one on the left. It usually costs about $30-$100+.  

The "Sterilite Bin" usually costs around $15 - very cheap. I personally recommend the Sterilite Bin because it's easy to clean and keeps warm, it's also very cheap.  The C&C cage is also good, but, it has a very hard time heating since it's so open. 

There's also other cages, but, these seem to be the most popular. Never get wire cages, as they are very dangerous due to hedgehogs climbing them and falling back, passing out instantly. C&C cages are wired, but, they have coroplast blocking the wire so the hedgehog can't climb it. Make sure the coroplast is tall enough so your hedgie can't escape.

Heating is very important, without heat of around 78-80 degrees/25-26 celsius, your hedgehog could die from hibernation, hedgehogs, sadly cannot wake up out of this and eventually pass away.  So, heating is a must

I recommend the large "Reptile Heating lamp" and the "150 watt white bulb".  This heat source should be clamped to the side of the cage, and away from the hedgehog touching it. It can burn your hedgehog pretty bad, so make sure this heat lamp cannot be accessable to your hedgehog but to only give off heat from a good distance.

Exercise Wheels are very important to have, hedgehogs run a lot a night, and require wheels, they also can gain weight without a wheel and become very bored.  

Never get the wire/mesh wheels, as hedgehogs' feet and toes can get caught and damaged. 

Be ware of "Silent Spinner Wheels", these wheels seem like good wheels, but, they crack very easily causing the hedgehog to cut itself. 

Make sure the size of your wheel is the best fit, never get a small wheel, only if your hedgehog is smaller sized or is a baby.

The wheel on the left is the best so far, it's called the "Carolina Storm Bucket Wheel" or the "CSBW", these wheels are VERY quiet, they are very easy to clean and come in a ton of different colors!  You can order it at: They also sell a large "Cake wheel" for bigger sized hedgehogs.

The wheel on the left is a "Super Pet Comfort Wheel", these are good wheels, although they aren't very quiet and aren't very easy to clean. They come in different colors and are usually sold at pet stores.

Hideaways are required since hedgehogs need something to sleep in. They love to burrow so getting something to hide in is great.

The hideaway on the left is a "Snuggle Pouch" or "Cuddle Sack".  These are fantastic, they provide comfort and a good sleeping place, hedgehogs love these.  You can usually purchase them at Pet stores, Etsy, eBay or on breeders online web stores.  Make sure that they have no loose threads because hedgehogs can get themselves in a mess with threads being wrapped around their feet cutting off circulation.

The hideaway on the right is a "Super Pet Igloo". This is a great hideaway, providing a good amount of space for the hedgehog to spread out and snooze away.  You can usually purchase them at Pet Stores or online.

Bedding is a must for hedgehogs.  There are multiple bedding choices, but the ones pictured are in my opinion most popular.  It's always important to get the right bedding, as others can cause serious issues.

Stay away from wood shavings. Wood shavings can cause URI's, cuts from the sharp edges, blockage if aten, infections and sometimes, if poked in the eye, hedgehogs can actually remove their eye(s) themselves if they feel it is irritated. 

Always choose light colored bedding, if the hedgehog bled, or has different colored stool or urine, you can catch it quick.

The bedding on the left is the top recommended bedding for hedgehogs, called, "Fleece". Fleece is a soft material providing so much comfort for your hedgehog.  Fleece should always be de-threaded (if it has threads sewn around the edges) because hedgehogs can get their feet tangled in this and cause their foot's circulation to cut off and it's not pretty.  You can usually purchase this at Target, Walmart or online.

The bedding on the right is called "CareFresh", very popular. Although this bedding looks like popcorn, it's actually really healthy and provides good comfort for your hedgehog.  You can usually purchase this at Pet stores or online.

Food Bowl & Water Bottle 

The Food Bowl on the left is a ceramic heavy bowl, not allowing the hedgehog to tip it over. An ideal bowl for hedgehogs, since they love burrowing under things.  You can usually purchase these at a Pet store or online.

The Water Bottle on the right is a simple water bottle usually used for Guinea pigs or hamsters.  You can usually purchase these at a Pet store or online.

Litterbox and Litterbox bedding

If you're going to litter train, this is the stuff to get. 

Stay away from pelleted bedding and paper bedding that has ink in it.

Make sure you use a different bedding than the hedgehog's main cage bedding, he/she might mistake their cage for the litter pan.

Use light colored litter. Perferbly white or you can use light brown to see if the hedgehog bled or has unusual colored stool/urine.

The Litter Pan on the left is a "High-Corner litter pan", ideal for hedgehogs.  You can usually purchase these at Pet stores or online.

The litter pan bedding on the right is called "ECO Bedding" ideal for the hedgehog's litter to go in since it's safe and a very healthy bedding option.  You can usually purchase this at Pet stores or online.


The picture on the top left is "Cat toy balls". A lot of hedgehogs love these, they love pushing them around and they give a little decorative color to your hedgehog's cage. 

The picture on the top right is a "Fleece Rope" these are great to have, some hedgehogs will even play tug-of-war with humans or other hedgehogs!  Never use 'thread' ropes, as thread is a big danger to hedgehogs - wrapping around their feet isn't a pretty sight, ouch!

The picture on the bottom left is "Paper rolls", hedgehogs LOVE these, these are a cheap and fun toy for hedgehogs, very popular. Hedgehogs, although, can get their head stuck in it, so cutting it down the side would be highly recommended.

The picture on the bottom left is a "Plush hedgehog", a good cuddling toy.  Make sure there are no loose threads or button eyes as hedgehogs can chew off the eyes and possibly eat it, and loose threads can wrap around feet and cause the circulation to cut off - not good. 

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